Let’s say you’re looking for a lawyer in Brattleboro. You go to Google and type in “Brattleboro lawyers”. If you’re a lawyer in Brattleboro you want to show up first for “Brattleboro lawyers” in order to obtain all the potential clients who are searching for a service you provide.

This is where BearGorilla comes in. We start by performing a complete SEO audit of your website. Sometimes we’ll find hundreds, or even thousands of problems with your website, problems that Google can plainly see. You’re being penalized for these technical issues (alt tags, broken links, duplicate copy, etc.), but the good news is that they’re usually not difficult to fix.

Once we’ve fixed the technical problems, it’s time to add another layer of SEO value. The most important, and effective task is to add new written content to your website that includes well-researched keywords relevant to your business or organization. From there, we go down a checklist of SEO strategy techniques, including adding/updating your business on online directories and experimenting with new keywords in site metadata.